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Half Smoke Soodam
Full Smoke Soodam
Heavy Smoke Soodam
Pooja Oil
Cup Sambrani
Pachai Karpuram

We supply RAW materials for all types of prayer products

RAW Agarbathi

Sambrani Wood Powder

Pachai Karpuram

Smokeless Camphor Tablet

Smoke Camphor Tablet


We manufacture and supply quality RAW materials for Agarbathi, Cylinder Sambrani, Pachi Karpuram, Smoke Camphor Tablets, and Smokeless Camphor Tablets.

We also provide RAW Agarbathi & Wood Powder for Sambrani in bulk quantity.

We supply Finished Products (OEM) for all types of prayer products as per your requirement.

OEM Agarbathi

OEM Sambrani

OEM Pachai Karpuram

OEM Smoke Camphor Tablet

OEM Smokeless Camphor Tablet

OEM Vanaspati